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2020.10.21 | Department of Biology, Staff

Covid - 19 State of infection

On the Danish page, you will find the current state of COVID-19 infections among students and staff at Natural Sciences.

2020.10.06 | Department of Biology, Public / media, Staff

A three-digit million amount strengthens biodiversity research at the Department of Biology

Two researchers at the Department of Biology at Aarhus University have received a total of DKK 119 million for two new six-year research centers, which will examine how biodiversity can be future proofed in a changeable climate and in a world with ever increasing resource needs. The Novo Nordisk Foundation has awarded the large research grants as…

2020.10.01 | News from the management, Department of Bioscience

New Department Head of Bioscience

Dear All Our dean, Eskild, has just informed me that a new head of department has been found for Bioscience. It is my pleasure to welcome Ole Hertel - current deputy head of department and professor at the Department of Environmental Science - as our new head of department from 1 November. Ole has many years of experience in advising authorities,…

2020.09.18 | Department of Biology, Public / media, Staff

DKK 15 million from Novo for research in the clouds

The Novo Nordisk Foundation has granted DKK 15 million from its interdisciplinary synergy programme to project DRAMA. With researchers from both Nat and Tech, the project will decipher the role of atmospheric microbial aerosols for cloud formation.

2020.09.17 | Department of Bioscience, Calls

Innovation Fund Denmark, Industrial Fellow - deadline

2020.09.08 | Department of Biology, Public / media, Staff

Globalization Is Reweaving the Web of Life

Introduced species are reshaping how plants and animals interact in ecosystems worldwide

2020.08.28 | Department of Bioscience, Staff

Remember to check your spam filter in the time to come

2020.08.10 | Department of Bioscience, News from the management

Welcome back from Summer holiday

Dear All With the end of the school summer holidays, many of us have now returned to work. I hope you all enjoyed the summer and relaxed despite the restrictions Covid19 and the Danish weather placed on our holiday opportunities. When you go to beaches or walk around in the cities during these summer days, there are quite a few people and often…

2020.07.27 | Staff, Department of Bioscience

Møde i arbejdsmiljøudvalget Kalø 19. juni

Referat findes på arbejdsmiljøsiderne.

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19/20 annual report

2020.06.25 | Biochange

2019/2020 BIOCHANGE annual report

Click here to download low resolution version 

2020.06.17 | Department of Biology, Public / media, Staff

Shhhh, the whales are resting

We need new guidelines to shield whales from human-made noise to ensure them some peace and quiet. It is no good keeping whale-watching boats out of whales' sight if the noise from the boats' engines disturb the whales most. And whales can hear the boats' engines from far away, according to a Danish-Australian research team.

2020.06.09 | Department of Biology, Public / media, Staff

WATEC manager passes on the baton

After three years as head of the internationally recognised Centre for Water Technology (WATEC) at Aarhus University, Professor Niels Peter Revsbech is passing on his management role to Professor Esben Auken from the Department of Geoscience.

2020.06.02 | Department of Bioscience, Staff

New user-friendly employee profile

2020.06.02 | Staff, Department of Bioscience

Call for knowledge-building and/or network creating activities in Ecology and Evolution

The Danish Ecological Society OIKOS will award grants of 20,000 DKK to support the arrangement of joint academic activities within ecology and evolutionary biology to be held between September 2020 and April 2021. We encourage young researchers, i.e. PhD students and postdocs, to apply. Activities can include: PhD courses, seminars, open…

2020.05.27 | Department of Biology, Staff

Nat-Tech IT will be reopened gradually

Dear all, We are happy that activities are now opened at the various locations from Wednesday 27 May. Nat-Tech will begin a controlled opening for physical attendance as before the Corona. The helpdesks will be reopened gradually, and we therefore ask you to continue to limit physical attendance both in connection with support and…

2020.05.18 | Department of Biology, Public / media, Staff

Global opvarmning giver træer i Europa og Asien flere frostskader

Et globalt forskningsprojekt viser, at klimaændringerne øger risikoen for frostgrader sent på foråret. Det kan især skade skove i Europa og Asien, hvor planterne ikke er vant til den slags udsving i temperaturen og derfor springer ud, så snart det er varmt nok til det. I Nordamerika er træerne mere vant til forårsfrost og derfor forsigtige med at…

Photo: Thomas Simonsen ©

2020.05.15 | Department of Bioscience, Public / media, Staff

Climate change affects the phenology of Danish hoverflies

New study uses museum collections and citizen-science observations to document how climate change affects the phenology of Danish hoverflies.

2020.05.15 | Department of Bioscience, Public / media, Staff


5th International Interdisciplinary Conference on LAND USE AND WATER QUALITY: Agriculture and the Environment

2020.05.07 | Department of Bioscience, News from the management

Corona update

AU has made a FAQ about the reopening of research laboratories. You can find it on the AU corona site: If you have specific questions about your projects, your access to your work place and other matters more specific for Bioscience,…

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